1 of A Kind Only Hearts

$315.00 - $355.00

Hearts hearts hearts and more hearts!

These are 1 of a kind masterpieces! You will love and get so so so so many compliments.

Each piece is hand made and sculpted and made in our very own studio in the United States

Crafted first in wax then cast into sterling silver, these are the real deal in the way of remembrances and loving, heart-centered gifts!

- Handmade with a unique hand crafted and faceted texture.
- Each piece is one-of-a-kind, hand shaped by our incredible artisans.
- Multiple pieces available; be sure to review each listing and feel free to contact us if you'd like to see what more is available!

1. Small - about the size of a dime +/-
2. Medium - about the size of a nickel +/-
3. Large - about the size of a quarter +/-

Gift Wrapping!
All orders either come pre-gift wrapped( or with gift wrapped included if a larger order.)
Feel free to ask any questions in general, about shipping timelines if time-sensitive, or to have your gifts shipped to alternate locations etc.
Have a great day!
Rossmore Team - [email protected]