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May Mama Bundle

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The May Mama Bundle is everything you didn't even know you've been missing! For years, people always ask Suzy about her favorite CURRENT things and now she has a May Mama Bundle for all the lovees!

You will receive 3 items valued at a total in excess of $200 retail, for $50! They are pre-made and we co-create them with our factory partners, affiliates, favorite boutiques and makers according to seasons, holidays and themes!

May's theme is Mama Love! All the items will center around this theme in some capacity, whether you get a heart necklace or heart earrings or rainbow colored hoops or chic sunnies, you will get all the Lovee feels and then some! Trust us, we have been doing these for years and everyone orders over and over, so get with the best kept secrect on the internet and grab one while supplies last!!

Items that may be in your bundle:

-hair accessories

The items you will receive, may differ from what is pictured in the listing! We reserve the right to swap items that are of a similar value and vibe to what is pictured.

Email questions to

These bundles will be shipped USPS First Class unless one purchases expedite shipping, please see listing! or email

You will receive a batch of items outlined in our drop info. The pieces will either come boxed or bagged, depending on the size or shape! They will be super fun and you will feel the love and light flowing!

Free first-class shipping in the USA!

Enjoyyyy <3

Image of May Mama Bundle Image of May Mama Bundle
Image of LIMITED EDITION Super Star Earrings Image of LIMITED EDITION Super Star Earrings
LIMITED EDITION Super Star Earrings
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