PRE-ORDER The Process Project

PRE-ORDER The Process Project


Pre-Order Suzy Le Q's amazing creative arts book The Process Project!

As many of you know from watching Suzy's vlogs, she is all about THE PROCESS!

Her book is a 40 day creative meditation that allows one to up-level their inner artist by guiding one through a step-by-step artistic and creative process that will leave one astounded and in a new place with their creativity.

Our guide in The Process Project, a 40 day creative odyssey in book form, is award-winning artist, jeweler and creative entrepreneur Suzy Le Q.

This book is a clear and concise way to assist individuals on their creative journeys, and a path to not only gain clarity but to also take massive action towards their creative goals!

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Rossmore. Diamond Manet Rings
Rossmore. Diamond Heron Ring
Rossmore. La Lune
Rossmore. Mermaid Ring
$8,525.00 - $9,175.00
Rossmore. Pillow Scents
Cairo Earrings
Happy Bag
$100.00 - $1,000.00
Rossmore. Double Diamond
Only Heart Necklace
14k Classic Teeth Necklace
Rossmore. Phoenix
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