Cairo Earrings

Cairo Earrings

$300.00 — Sold out


We are currently taking your orders through FRIDAYS and compiling orders and making to order, and shipping following week! If you want as soon as possible then order early on FRIDAYS!!! ( if you order Monday then you have to wait an extra 5 days, get it?)

ok! fuego!!!! don't let the sun ever set on your fun! shine all day and all night in these babies. the Rossmore Cairo earrings!

hand made in Rossmore Studios!

choose small or large stud earrings!

Special thank you, top to bottom, left to right: Jenna Ortega @jennaortega (small cairo) , Carolina Rommel @modeltraveling (large cairo) , , Meagan Paquette @____crow____ (large cairo) for amazing pix!!!!

Cairo Earrings Image 2 Cairo Earrings Image 3 Cairo Earrings Image 4 Cairo Earrings Image 5
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