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Image of LOOT BAG 100


this is the best LOOT box around!! have you ever seen bloggers open up their press packages? do you want to get spoiled too? order this!

you will receive between 2-5 pieces of jewelry typically exceeding $300-$500 retail

We have some customers that ONLY order this. cuz they know we know whats upppp!

Basically since we are a studio, we have tons of jewelry that sometimes is amazing, but doesnt fit product descriptions, ie different length chain, different placement of bauble, different color than listed. So we let it out with giving you the opportunity to "Grab Bag" it up!

-order this for some crazy amount of fun, or for just a really nice piece. your baby girls bday or anniversary. you know the routine!

get there.

Feel free to elaborate on your favorite type of pieces in the note section of the order, we will accommodate when applicable.*

*THE $100 LOOT BAG you can make requests and we will HONOR ONE of your REQUESTS, or if you see something on our Instagram but not on our site, email us and we typically use this as the Custom Listing.

Basically, this choice is good if there is a specific item you would like, but are open to the size, chain style and color etc!